NP 12  Touchscreen 3 temperatures WATER PURIFIER

Brand new NP12 that has UV Light that sterilize waterborne pathogen, touchscreen intuitive buttons and 3 temperatures to choose from. 

Safety Marks Compliance

Up to 3 Temperatures

Product warranty

Quality Assurance


NP12 Touch Screen Water Purifier Model No. YLR5-6DN360A-POU

Touch Screen with 3 temperatures

This slim and sleek looking water purifier has 3 temperatures, which can be hot, cold or ambient water. Simply select by touching the water type to dispense. Comes in Black or White. The water purifier comes with 5 filters by default. You can add Alkaline/Hydrogen filter with additional price top up. All products comes with a one-year warranty. Safety Mark certified and filters are manufactured in Korea under strict testing. 

Levels Of Filtrations

Sediment filter

Provided a high reliability by removing fine dirt, sand, dust and other solid particles in water through (1/1000 mm) pores.

Pre-Carbon filter

Designed to remove chlorine, odor, organic contaminants, pesticides and chemicals that affect the taste and odor

Post-Carbon filter

Designed to remove residual impurities, chlorine and odors from pre-treated the water by high grade activated carbon.

Nano Ceram Filter

This filter is electropositive charged depth filter to efficiently remove micron sized particles, bacteria and norovirus.

Alkaline Hydrogen Filter (Optional)

This hydrogen water filter makes hydrogen rich alkaline water with strong antioxidant activity. It helps boost body energy and hydration.


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Koh Jing Syan
Koh Jing Syan
08:50 14 Nov 21
I have just installed Npsui water dispenser yesterday and the deal was done via shopee on 11.11

Sales staff Elynn is very professional and prompt reply with all the enquiries. I have decided to take up the new model S10 within an hour.
Most importantly technician Uncle Kenny is very friendly. He connect the pipping underneath the cabinet and conceal it nicely.
A very big thank you for both of them and definitely Npsui is highly recommended to all my friends and relatives.
Emily Tay
Emily Tay
08:17 05 Nov 21
Prompt service from the sales and marketing agent on replying to queries. would like to especially thank Kenny for his recommendation on placement of the dispenser so that tubes were hidden nicely under our cupboards. thumbs up for his friendly service!
05:59 24 Jul 21
Very Friendly Sale Staff, Elynn , whom is patient and responsive.
Very professional Technical staff,Kenny, which always put on a smile, yes. even behind those masks.
Unit value for many and do ask on going promotion if there is one.
bye bye to daily multiple boiling of water and hello ready Korean purified water.
Winny Chey
Winny Chey
04:38 02 Jul 21
Good service and reply very fast! Good choice for this company👍
Nur Afiq Ryu
Nur Afiq Ryu
11:34 25 Jun 21
Great price for such a useful item. No need to spend so much time using an airpot to boil water often. instant clean cold or hot water at the push of a buttons. really encourages my family to drink plain water more often and cut down on sugar drinks😁
Zainab Ahmad
Zainab Ahmad
14:22 13 Jun 21
Good bargain for the best latest product in town. With this 3 temperature water dispenser, I no longer needs kettle or even flasks in my house to store water for the family. Save me the time and space to prepare water for the family. Definitely worth the purchase!

Made In Korea

Our purifier and filters are made in Korea and tested by various authorities before it is distributed worldwide.

Product  Certifications

Our products are certified by various authorities. Such as Safety Mark, SGS, TUV, NSF, KWPTC, Water Quality and Halal certified.


We believe in giving the best at affordable rate without compromising the quality of our products.

Fully Backed by our 100% Risk Free Guarantee

1 Year warranty for our products. Terms and conditins applys

Referral Program

We value the word of mouth from our happy customers. Therefore, we provide referral program to reward our customers. Simply referral 5 successful customers and your next filter replacement will be free. 

Free Water Purifier 
After 3 Consecutive Filter Replacements

Change all your filters on time for cleanest water and be rewarded with the latest model water purifier of similar value  from us.*

Do also check out our LOYALTY PROGRAM

* Water purifier will be of the same or similar value as what you have purchased.
Only applicable to hot & cold and 3 temperatures water purifier.